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absolute positioning

Sent by David Laakso on 30 July 2010 21:09

Angela French wrote:
> I'm being driving nuts by absolute positioning rendering between IE and FF.  I just want to
confirm what I think is correct about absolute positioning.  My understanding is that an absolutely
position element positions itself relative to its parent container.  If the parent has not
positioning, then it positions itself absolutely relative to the grandparent container, and so
forth, up to the <body>.  Is this correct?
> If so, do both IE and FF follow this?
> Thank you.
> Angela French

/As always a clickable link to your page in question is always advisable.../

The best source for confirmation is the CSS specs proper--

There is a good explanation of absolute positioning here:

For the most part compliant browsers follow the CSS specifications.
IE 7.0 sometimes follows these specifications.
One never quite knows what IE 6.0 may do in any given situation...



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