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rounded corners problem

Sent by Rory Bernstein on 21 April 2010 12:12

Hi All,

On this page, the light blue box that surrounds the horizontal grey graphic has rounded corners with
the help of a little css. It's working great in a lot of browsers, but not in IE8. I have not been
able to test it on IE7 or lower yet... 

In IE8, the light blue box with the rounded corners has an ugly dark border all the way around it.
Can anyone tell me how to alter the CSS to get rid of this?

I used this page as a guide to get the rounded corners working on all browsers:

In my CSS file (external), I totally do not understand what is going on with this line of code,
which references an external file:
behavior: url(;
....but, I included it as per the instructions on the page about rounded corners. The external file
is located in the same directory as the HTML file.

If anyone can let me know if this is working in IE7 or IE6, that would be great too.


Rory Bernstein : Web Developer

y Bernstein : Web Developer
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