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Changes how (some) browsers handle the a:visited pseudo-class

Sent by Philippe Wittenbergh on 10 April 2010 01:01

(public service announcement)

Both the next release versions of Gecko (tentatively named Firefox 3.7) and WebKit (Safari 5) will
implement changes to the handling of the :visited pseudo-class. Google Chrome will, I suppose, also
implement this.

In short, those browsers will limit the ways the a:visited state can be styled. Color,
background-color, and to some extend, outline, border are not affected, as long as you don't use
alpha-transparency (rgba()), change the border-style or border-width, etc. Other changes will be
ignored and fall back to what is specified for the a:link state.

The underlying thinking is documented in this article:
with some more details here:

Gecko bug report:
WebKit bug report:
Philippe Wittenbergh

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