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[css-d] Good css book recommendation

Sent by Michael Ryznar on 14 August 2002 18:06


I am looking for a good book to advance my understanding of css. I currently
only use css in a minimal way - to style text and other basic formatting on
my web sites but I would like to use css to style all the formatting (or as
much as possible) on my web sites including the structure. I am especially
interested in the various methods of floating and positioning elements to
avoid the use of tables for layout. I know this will take some time and
practice. Could anyone recommend a good book for me?

Here are 2 books I found recommended on this list a month ago:

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) by Example

Cascading Style Sheets:
Separating content from style
By Briggs, Champeon, Costello & Patterson

Any other suggestions?

I am looking for a physical book (rather than online links) because I find I
usually have time to read during my lunch break when I am not in front of my
computer. (It might also be good for the eyes to take a break from the
computer too.)

So far in my research I have found the following useful css links but I am
looking for a book instead.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Ryznar
Ryznar Design
Burnaby, BC
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