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What defines a ture holy grail layout?

Sent by Alan Gresley on 8 November 2009 10:10

Jay Tanna wrote:
>> let lassko have a look at it. If he doesn't swear at you it
>> must be fine ;) 
> So is Lassko our resident expert on all things CSS here?

Laakso is the American page shredder. The European mafia, Sørtun, 
Wittenbergh, Fassino and Chao are quite good also. Then there is myself, 
the crazy from Down Under. There are also many others notables.

> It is useful to know so that we can fire quick questions towards him to his direct email.

It is best to direct the question to the list. This is since as a 
community we can all learn and also, we have our individual strengths 
and weaknesses in our knowledge of or understanding of CSS.

Another good reason is that those in the CSS Working Group and Browser 
Implementors also follow this list. Either noting bugs in browsers or 
how people abuse CSS and make their job harder.

The Holy Grail layout (or one true layout) causes implementors to have 
to check these layouts with each version or build to see if they will 
destroy many web pages in one foul swoop.


I am in the middle ground on this issue.


Armies Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come. - Victor Hugo
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