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margin: 83_qem?

Sent by Bill Brown on 18 February 2009 17:05

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
> I encountered the following CSS declaration:
> margin: 83_qem
> Does anyone have any idea what kind of unit it is? Apparently it's
> used in Safari's internal style sheet
> (, and I saw it
> mentioned in Nokia documentation
> Can't find a definition though, and the lack of W3C links suggests
> that this unit is non-standard. Could someone help?

Hey PPK--

I believe qem stands for "quirky em" and is a proprietary Webkit syntax 
used to refer to a margin which can be collapsed when the page is in 
quirks mode. [1]

If you're anything like me, you're already appreciating the irony that 
*you're* the one that wrote the list to ask about this. ;-)

(about two-thirds of the way down the page)

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