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[css-d] [ANNC] Private beta of new css-discuss archive, list members

Sent by Simon Willison on 7 August 2002 11:11

Hi all,

The new, searchable, database driven css-discuss archive is now ready for a 
private beta. Eric has suggested we limit it to just list members for a 
short while to help iron out any last minute problems.

Username: css-discuss
Password: archive

The archive includes over 9,000 emails sent to the list since January 2002. 
They can be accessed through a search engine (which currently returns all 
mails matching all of the terms entered, Google style), by month or through 
a thread view available on any messages that occur in a thread.

The software is still being very actively developed so don't be surprised 
if small changes crop up over the next few days. I am very interested in 
bug reports, but to avoid duplication here are a few issues I am already 
aware of:

1. Most of the reply posts in August are missing the "Re." from the start 
of the subject line. This is thanks to the monthly mailman archives (from 
which I imported the August emails separately) not including this in the 
email headers for some reason. The only fix I know of is to re-import the 
whole 30MB database archive which we will do if this proves to be a problem.

2. Some messages come up with [EMAIL-REMOVED] as the name of the person who 
sent the email. This is part bug, part security feature - it should only 
occur on a very small number of messages.

The email masking is a very important part of the software - a principle 
design target was to eliminate ALL email addresses before display, to 
prevent the archive becoming a gold mine for spam bots. If you do spot an 
email address in the archive please email me as a matter of urgency so I 
can find out how it escaped the filter.

The site is written using structural markup in XHTML 1.0 Strict with all 
layout handled by CSS. I'm keen to hear about any bugs with the CSS as 
well. In addition, at Eric's suggestion I have given the body tag and ID 
like this:

<body id="css-d-archive">

Those of you who like to experiment can use this to specifically target the 
site with rules in a user stylesheet. One possible option for the system in 
the future is the ability for people to specify the URL of the stylesheet 
they would like to use (setting a cookie).

One last thing - if you are using a recent version of Mozilla be sure to 
turn on the "Site Navigation Toolbar" in the View->Show/Hide->Site 
Navigation Bar menu. The mailing list archive uses <link> tags in various 
places to provide extra navigation tools to browsers that support them.

Please contact me off list with bug reports, feature requests and general 


Simon Willison
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