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Re: [css-d] Re: Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by aardvark on 31 January 2002 23:11

> From: "Timothy J. Luoma" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> I wasn't clear there.  Let me clarify.
> Yes, if you are using <span style="foo"> then yes, you have no
> advantage over <font>
> If you are using <span class="foo"> then yes, you DO have an advantage
> over <font> because you can always goto your CSS file and unstyle
> 'foo'
> That is what I meant by 'unstyle'
> I generally only use <span style="foo"> for testing, and then once I
> have it where I want it, I'll make a class for it.

but if i have <font class="foo">, i can do the same thing...

i understood what you meant... by adding that class, which was 
your example, then it's no different than <font class="foo">...

granted <font> has style, so you are counter-styling, but in 
essence, that's still the same thing, rendering an element impotent 
on the page, where it's just taking up bytes...

> Look, we're both trying to get the world to use non-browser specific
> XHTML and CSS, I hope we aren't going to end up being "opponents" for
> the extent to which we hope to be radically different from 95% of the
> world... next we'll have to start an argument over which color iMac is
> superior to all crappy PCs ;-)

i have a wooden case on my PC that'll... umm... burn faster than a 
blueberry imac when my fan fails...  yeah...

> Well, I love lynx, am partially color blind, and have a good friend
> whose father is an avid web surfer and blind, so I try to make sure
> that my site will make sense to anyone in those contexts.  I posted a
> question earlier to the list asking about alternate style sheets
> because I want a way to offer a high visibility CSS to those who would
> like it, and I am considering trying to write my first aural CSS for
> one section of my site.
> Along the way I may throw in several <span class="foo"> for some added
> spice, but you won't find any unneeded <font> or <table> or
> <blockquote> but we're both still rowing the boat in the same
> direction.

ahh, so at that point, it is *strictly* style, no semantics, no 
structure, right?  and you're not forcing tags on things that 
shouldn't receive them, right (like your <blockquote> example)?

kind of like making every letter a different color because it's cool 
retro and makes the kids happy?

yes, in that context, <span> away...

i'm just trying to not see people replace every table tag with a <div> 
an every inline element with a classed <span>, because ultimately, 
it helps no one...
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