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[css-d] Re: Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 31 January 2002 23:11

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, aardvark wrote:

> > > since the sole purpose of that <span> is to apply a style, it's as
> > > bad as having a <font> (IMO)...  what happens if you don't want it
> > > styled anymore?  do you cut all the <span> as if they were <font>s,
> > > or just unstyle the class in your CSS?
> >
> > yes, you unstyle them.  That's the advantage over <font> .... or you
> > style them for the screen and leave them unstyled for the printer.
> > There's another advantage.
> well, i could do that with <font>...

Um.... no.

> so, what advantage?

I wasn't clear there.  Let me clarify.

Yes, if you are using <span style="foo"> then yes, you have no advantage
over <font>

If you are using <span class="foo"> then yes, you DO have an advantage
over <font> because you can always goto your CSS file and unstyle 'foo'

That is what I meant by 'unstyle'

I generally only use <span style="foo"> for testing, and then once I have
it where I want it, I'll make a class for it.

> that's fine, and it likely will work for you... but i'm not so cavalier
> with my code...

Look, we're both trying to get the world to use non-browser specific XHTML
and CSS, I hope we aren't going to end up being "opponents" for the extent
to which we hope to be radically different from 95% of the world... next
we'll have to start an argument over which color iMac is superior to all
crappy PCs ;-)

> after all, if it's so important that you want to highlight that snippet of
> text to a user by coloring it, why isn't it important enough to also
> offer to a color-blind user with perhaps a semantic meaning?  or a
> blind user?  or users on older systems who can still read your copy
> but not your styles?  or search engine spiders so they can weight
> the word based on semantic context?

Well, I love lynx, am partially color blind, and have a good friend whose
father is an avid web surfer and blind, so I try to make sure that my site
will make sense to anyone in those contexts.  I posted a question earlier
to the list asking about alternate style sheets because I want a way to
offer a high visibility CSS to those who would like it, and I am
considering trying to write my first aural CSS for one section of my site.

Along the way I may throw in several <span class="foo"> for some added
spice, but you won't find any unneeded <font> or <table> or <blockquote>
but we're both still rowing the boat in the same direction.


Timothy J. Luoma ~ ~ [EMAIL-REMOVED]
Amateur Webdesigner Extraordinaire
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"Good web designers are frequently validated"
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