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[css-d] "overflow: auto" and Opera 6.0/Win

Sent by Vince Rhee on 31 January 2002 22:10

I've been monkeying around with some frameset-like CSS-based 
layouts, but I'm running into a cross-browser problem.

In the layout, I have an absolutely positioned DIV with an attribute of 
"height: 50%". This DIV also has an attribute of "overflow: auto". 
The problem arises when I have content that overflows this height. 
Under IE 5.5 and the latest Mozilla builds, things do what I expect 
them to do: a vertical scrollbar shows up within this DIV to allow 
scrolling access to the overflow content. Cool! However, when 
viewing this under Opera 6/Win, the overflow content does *not* 
scroll but instead just overflows outside of the DIV's bounds, 
"bleeding" onto the rest of the page, i.e., the behavior I would 
expect from "overflow: visible".

You can see the actual test pages at:

Any suggestions on a workaround or fix, or am I just hosed?

Note: Admittedly, the CSS-2 spec leaves the interpretation of 
"overflow: auto" up to the user agent; see:

although it does *suggest* a scrolling mechanism.

- Vince

Vince Rhee

Where am I going? And why am I in this handbasket...?
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