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Re: [css-d] Re: Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by aardvark on 31 January 2002 21:09

> From: "Timothy J. Luoma" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> >
> > neither of these really offers much advantage over the <font> tag...
> > sure, you're now maintaining the color in one place, but believe it
> > or not, you've just embedded style into your page anyway...
> >
> > since the sole purpose of that <span> is to apply a style, it's as
> > bad as having a <font> (IMO)...  what happens if you don't want it
> > styled anymore?  do you cut all the <span> as if they were <font>s,
> > or just unstyle the class in your CSS?
> yes, you unstyle them.  That's the advantage over <font> .... or you
> style them for the screen and leave them unstyled for the printer. 
> There's another advantage.

well, i could do that with <font>...

so, what advantage?

> > the point is, and not a lot of people completely agree with me on
> > this, your markup should do two things:
> >
> > - impart structure (like your <div>s in a CSS layout, or your <h#>
> > tags do to imply hierarchy)
> >
> > - impart syntactical/semantic meaning (like <em> and <strong>
> > do, or better yet, <abbr>, <acronym>, <cite>, etc.)
> So you think we can eliminate all style from content?  Can you show me
> a site, any site, that does that in practice?

working on it right now (development version, moving files around, 
so if a page throws an ASP error, wait a few minutes):

i'm doing everything in my power to *only* have syntactical or 
structural mark-up...  and for the most part, i'm there...  granted, i 
have to stuff IDs into the 4 main <div>s, and class a couple more, 
but at least it's not like i'm inserting tags strictly for style, they'd 
already be there...

> I don't.
> I'm not even sure that's a goal I am working towards.  If I am going
> to re-use a style, it goes in the style sheet and get a class
> assignment.  If I need/want/desire to style a piece of text, I'm
> probably going to use <span style="whatever">

that's fine, and it likely will work for you... but i'm not so cavalier 
with my code...

i don't think it's a true separation of structure (HTML/XHTML) from 
style (CSS), so i'm not going to stuff <span>s on a page where i 
can use markup that has value...

after all, if it's so important that you want to highlight that snippet of 
text to a user by coloring it, why isn't it important enough to also 
offer to a color-blind user with perhaps a semantic meaning?  or a 
blind user?  or users on older systems who can still read your copy 
but not your styles?  or search engine spiders so they can weight 
the word based on semantic context?
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