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[css-d] color #

Sent by David Gee on 2 August 2002 14:02

mmm, yeah, i think i was getting confused... is it dropping the "#" before
the hex code that is incorrect and no longer supported in ie6 then?

either way, i'm not a big fan of the shorthand spec... web-safe colors,
well, aren't "safe" at all, so I don't bother with them very much, and I
like to spend time tweaking colors in CSS - going back and forth between
colors that can be reduced to shorthand and colors that can't is a pain.
just printing the code out in full makes minor adjustments a lot easier.


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From: "Adam Kuehn" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
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Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 10:14 AM
Subject: Re: [css-d] color #

> David Gee wrote:
> >It's a shorthand convention -- #336699 can be written as #369, for
> >I don't think it's correct usage, though, and I heard (but cannot
> >that IE 6 no longer supports it.
> It is absolutely correct usage and is explicitly included in the spec:
> Some of us older fogies have trouble getting used to it, but it is
> entirely accurate and proper to use three-digit colors.
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From James Aylard" [EMAIL-REMOVED]  Fri Aug  2 14:40:41 2002
From: James Aylard" [EMAIL-REMOVED] (James Aylard)
Date: Fri Aug  2 13:40:41 2002
Subject: [css-d] OT: Fonts render ragged on some monitors
References: [EMAIL-REMOVED]>


> The difference appears to stem from whether or not the option "Smooth
> of screen fonts" has been selected in the Effects tab of the Display
> panel.
> It really makes a huge difference for some fonts. It's a shame we can't
> a script to enable that setting when people are viewing our web pages.

    In IE 4+, you can check whether or not font-smoothing is enabled by
checking the screen.fontSmoothingEnabled property [1]. While not a solution,
it could provide the basis for notifying the user of the option, and how to
change the setting.


James Aylard
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