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Re: [css-d] Footer div

Sent by Andrew Clover on 31 January 2002 19:07

Merlin Emrys [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> a footer div for links below these.  The only way I could do this was to 
> create another fixed-position div.

Not at all. As far as I can see, the only reason you currently need
positioning is to get the left-hand photos column to be alongside the
main content. This could be done with positioning on the left-hand
column with no positioning (ie. static) on the right-hand column, just
a big left margin to stop the text running under the pictures.
Alternatively, the left-hand column could be floated left, with the
right-hand column static. Or both floated left, with the footer having
'clear: left', if you're not sure whether the pictures or the text will
be the longer column.

It shouldn't be very complicated. Let us know if you need some help with
the code.

You're right though - you definitely don't want to set the position of the
footer in fixed pixels. Quite apart from the work of having to change
it for each document, it also prevents you from have a resizable window
or fonts. Even a slightly different font (which is inevitable on different
platforms) could cause the footer to be in the wrong place.

Andrew Clover
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