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Re: [css-d] Hello - new list member with beginner css questions

Sent by Ralph Brandi on 31 January 2002 18:06

>dl> I really want to get my sites more current. After eveluating my server log
>dl> files for the past while, it does seem that about 98% of the browsers
>dl> currently accessing my site  all support at least basic CSS1. I do not know
>dl> however if WebTV supports CSS or not.
>Some of it. Fonts and colors and simple selectors should be no

WebTV even supports *some* positioning.  Absolute positioning seems to work fine.  A single instance
of relative positioning on your page, on the other hand, results in a blank page.

I ran into this problem when I was putting together last year.  Some non-trivial
portion of my audience was using WebTV.  I wound up using server-side includes to prevent WebTV from
accessing the stylesheet that set positioning.  If I was doing it today, I'd probably do the same
thing in PHP.

Ralph Brandi

Enterprising Wag, Coalition to Save the BBC World Service
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