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RE: [css-d] Please help me solve this CSS bug...

Sent by Barrett, Bill on 31 January 2002 17:05

At first I was resigned that "float" was buggy in IE5Mac, since this has
been one of the hardest rules for the browsers to implement. But, on closer
inspection, it appears that the culprit was this rule:

#middle p { clear: left; }

Your paras in the middle column wanted to go to the left after it had
"cleared" the image. When I changed it to "clear: none" (or eliminate
altogether if there are no other dependencies), everything worked fine, and
it wrapped beautifully.


> I have a page that renders perfectly in all browsers except IE (5 and
> 5.1) for the Mac. For some reason, only the first <p> clears, but not
> the <p> tags thereafter.
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