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[css-d] CSS "Hacks" (was: Proper Use of @import)

Sent by Mark Newhouse on 31 January 2002 15:03

on 1/31/02 9:10 AM, B.K. DeLong at [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote, in part:

> looks like we've
> found the best solution in @import. It's NOT a hack, it's not a workaround
> - it's a correct, accessible implementation of CSS; period. Whether that
> was @import's original purpose or not, it's still valid use of the
> standard....

I concur.

In fact I submit that what we have been calling hacks are not really hacks
at all. They are valid implementations of CSS, used to get around browser

The corresponding hacks we (used to) use in HTML (again, to get around
browser bugs/proprietary implementations) are (were) hacks, in that they
used invalid implementations of HTML (spacer.gifs and the SPACER tag come to
mind...), and ended up creating a nasty mess of code for both maintenance
and accessibility.

To the extent that this list exists to discuss the practical implementation
of CSS, I'll stop with the philosophical musings. After adding that I hope
this appeal to philosophy will encourage the sharing of CSS hacks as they
are appropriate to the solving of problems as they come up.

Thanks for listening,

--Mark Newhouse
  We put the "blah" in blog...
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