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structured content reuse

Sent by joseph martins on 14 January 2004 02:02

Speaking of Atex-like systems Adam,

A few newspapers I recall were so fond of their Atex and CText systems,
their RFPs specifically required that certain key-combinations be replicated
in MS Word.  Oh the hoops we had to jump through to satisfy those

After spending a week in their shoes, I understood why they liked the
existing front-end so much.  Mouseless baby.


> Sure it does. It's called Atex, circa 1980.
> Atex systems of that vintage force you to separate content from format -
> because all you have is a green (or white)-on-black screen.
> And while the Atex back end of that era might be
> cumbersome and prone to crashing (right on deadline, typically), the front
> end was, despite all those bizarro extra keys on the keyboard, simple
> for even the drunkest sports reporter to use to file on deadline.
> Adam Gaffin

please trim your posts.
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