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Hosted Document Managment Solutions???

Sent by Cmslist on 13 January 2004 20:08

Hello Amal,

There is , a hosted content and template management solution 
provided as asp.
For more information visit the site, you can also create a free account there. comes as a hosted site-creation and maintenance solution, offering 
an interface both for programmers and non-programmers who are targeted in the 
first place but one can script using php.

Users can manage several sites with the same profile. 

The first official release is planned march 2004 with a new interface and new 
features including template-export and an extended template management system.


Selon Amal [EMAIL-REMOVED]>:

> In search for CMS stack we are analyzing hosted
> Document Managment + Web Content Management solutions
> as an ASP service/bases. Preferable to have DM and Web
> content managment from one vendor that can used as a
> hosted service.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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