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structured content reuse

Sent by Bastian Gerhard on 13 January 2004 19:07

Hey Mirko,

Afaik both, Typo3 ( and ENID ( 
provide a WYSIWYG-editor with Microsoft's JScript capabilities and 
therefor support the import/conversion of any Microsoft file format 
such as word text or excel datasheets directly into HTML or XHTML/XML 
on the fly. ENID is a commercial WCMS based on PHP, whereas Typo3 is 
freeware with little blemishes (e.g. TypoScript) :)

Regards from Vienna, Austria.

Am 12.01.2004 um 23:51 schrieb Erik M. Hartman - Hartman Communicatie 

> Mirko (and others),
> I now of at least one (Dutch) content management system that uses MS
> Word as (the only) editor. Check
> With Word 2003 supporting XML others will follow, no doubt about it.

please trim your posts.
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