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structured content reuse

Sent by Grant Malcolm on 13 January 2004 03:03

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 18:38, Eoin Campbell wrote:
> I am also constantly amazed at the lack of support for importing
> Word content into Web CMSs. The CMS vendors all seem to believe their
> own marketing hype that their through-the-web form-based HTML editors
> are "WYSIWYG" and "Word-like".
> They also seem to assume that most content is initially authored inside
> the CMS environment, whereas the opposite is more generally the case.

I share your frustration and our experience matches your own. However,
we're actively seeking to turn many of our publishing processes around. 

Our situation is probably not that dissimilar to most universities in
that there is a growing recognition that most of our clients interact
with our website as a first preference rather than resorting to our
printed publications. This increasingly important population has not
been well served by priority being given to print publishing processes
over preparation of content for the web. 

Some of our web content is still initially authored in word processing
applications, but we're highlighting the importance of the web, skilling
authors to write for the medium, providing a CMS to facilitate their
work and utilities to assist them in exporting content to print.


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