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the relationship between CM and IA(information arc hitecture)

Sent by James Robertson on 12 January 2004 15:03

> > Now  CM and IA are hot topics.But the relationship between CM and IA
> > has not discuss a lot.
> > I only see three articles about this topic.I want to know more about
> > it.Can you give your opinion?

Jumping in a bit late, having just got back from

Information architecture plays a very important role in
evaluating, selecting and implementing a content management
system, in a number of practical ways:

* You will want to structure your site based on the results
   of your usability and information architecture activities
   (in other words, the structure that is best suited to the users).

   CMSs have different capabilities regarding the management
   of site structures, so the IA of the site becomes a key
   selection criteria. The new design of the site should therefore
   be determined *before* selecting a product, and samples of
   the IA should be included in the tender documentation.

* It is often hard to find information on large sites,
   and it is the role of the CMS to support an effective
   information architecture, including:

   - site structure
   - navigation
   - metadata

* The CMS should (but typically doesn't) provide a range
   of effective tools for managing the IA aspects of a

   eg. a facility to view the index terms across the
   entire site, allowing consistency to be checked,
   and global changes to be made.

* The really advanced ideas are that you should build the
   information architecture (using approaches such
   as topic maps, etc), and the rest of the site
   is then mapped around that.

   See the following articles:

* At the end of the day, it is the redesigning and
   restructuring of a site that delivers the greatest
   business benefits, not the implementation of a CMS.

Anyway, apologies for such a long post.

James Robertson
Step Two Designs Pty Ltd

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