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Commercial sites.

Sent by Tony Crockford on 17 May 2004 12:12


while I was looking for good examples of sites that have embraced web  
standards to beat down a critic, I notice that our lists seem to have  

I found this list on Any Budd's blog and it contained one or two I wasn't  
aware of.

I wonder if anyone has any more to add.

I'll create a summary list and post it on the wiki and maybe we can beef  
up the example category in the links section of the site.

seeing other companies that have done it is a major part of the persuasion  
armory I think and we seem a little light in that area.

Are you a designer?  what sites have you upgraded to web standards?

lets make a huge list - off list replies welcome.  (grouped by commercial  
/ personal would be good! )


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