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when should we write the papers we committed to?

Sent by Stephanie Troeth on 30 April 2004 00:12

Hi Chris,

chris wrote:
> Hi all,
> when Maccaws was first formed, I made a commitment to write some stuff.  Is
> this still happening?  Has it fallen by the wayside?  

Did you sign up on the research list? The research group has been 
responsible for gathering information and collating material.

Currently, two documents have been released as part of the kit, and at 
this point in time, we have no further documents of this kind planned. 
Stuff in the works include some mini-surveys and case-studies.

If you (or anyone on this list, for that matter!) have further ideas 
about what other material would be useful and would like to run with 
these ideas (i.e. take charge of them), please sign up on the research 
list and send us an email about what you have in mind. At this point, we 
need people who have the motivation and initiative to be responsible for 
ideas they come up with.

In the past, there were people willing to volunteer but have not been 
able to commit themselves, and we'd get into a situation where 
everyone's just waiting for everyone else to do something. :) So please 
let us know if you feel you are able to contribute!

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