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MACCAWS has published it's white paper on Web standards

Sent by Tara Cleveland on 2 April 2004 18:06

Hello MACCAWS Members!

After many trials and tribulations we've finally managed to complete 
the MACCAWS kit white paper, entitled "The Way Forward with Web 
Standards".  It's technically oriented, so we've also written an 
overview called "What Every Web Site Owner Should Know About 
Standards: A Web Standards Primer" for non-tech Web site owners.

You can find "The Way Forward with Web Standards" at:

And the Web Standards Primer at:

We're releasing these articles to the public, so feel free to blog 
them. But, keep in mind that these are working, changing documents, 
so we'd also like to encourage you to let us know if you have a 
review, a suggestion or a correction.  Please email 
[EMAIL-REMOVED] with any feedback.

This is just the beginning. We've got lots of ideas and projects 
coming up. Stay tuned for more.

The MACCAWS Research Team
Tara Cleveland
Web Design and Consulting
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