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what's up with maccaws bis.

Sent by steph on 19 February 2004 16:04

Hmm, sorry, if you found the previous version unreadable, here it is again. Thunderbird bug, and I
haven't upgraded just yet.

*zips off to the mozilla site*


On 2/19/04 11:45 AM, steph wrote:
> What is being released at this very first stage is a white paper 
> (targeted primarily at someone at an IT manager level) and a primer for 
> non-tech execs. This list will get a preview of both documents before 
> their official release. At this point, we would only make changes if 
> there are major complaints.

> We have had various reviewers from all walks of Internet life - 
> qualified technical reviewers, editorial reviewers, business people who 
> are only beginning to learn about standards, teachers, developers, 
> writers ...

> Though long in the writing, this white paper and primer duo isn't the 
> be-all and end-all of the kit; the original idea was to provide 
> information in various formats for different needs - eg slides, demos. I 
> believe that much of the further work can make use of the skeleton that 
> the white paper has established. In the pipeline, we have framework of 
> surveys we would like to conduct so that we have some data to show and 
> support the claims that we've so frequently heard and made ourselves.
> There is still a lot of work to do, many miles to go, and we will be 
> needing a lot of help from everyone - all of you(!) - after this first 
> stage is completed.

> cheerio,
> -steph
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