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what's up with maccaws

Sent by steph on 19 February 2004 16:04

Hi Brian and everyone,

On 2/18/04 9:44 AM, O'Neill, Brian wrote:
> Re: the MACCAWS mission:
> --
> I too recently had a thread with some folks from here; I would definitely
> like to see what the papers are looking like before we release something.
> Who is going to review this? Has the group consulted biz-type people to see
> if this would actually sell them? From experience, leading by showing and
> not telling is very important. Detailed code samples and talk about
> validation etc. means nothing to the 
> decision makers in big biz. When the website is responsible for large $
> generation, it comes down to $-savings and selling an investment in change
> (all without trying to look like a rebel). 
> I suggest something perhaps where we have a section of "great counter
> arguments" - Example: A business says "we don't have time to train people"
> and maccaws says "---answer here---" . The biz says "we have clients that
> use NS4.x" and maccaws says "---answer---" Real case examples to back up the
> arguments could be great ammo (i.e. "At Theta Corporation, we had the NS4.x
> problem and we sold our biz on dropping styled support by telling them X")

What is being released at this very first stage is a white paper (targeted primarily at someone at
an IT manager level) and a primer for non-tech execs. This list will get a preview of both documents
before their official release. At this point, we would only make changes if there are major

We have had various reviewers from all walks of Internet life - qualified technical reviewers,
editorial reviewers, business people who are only beginning to learn about standards, teachers,
developers, writers ... 

Though long in the writing, this white paper and primer duo isn't the be-all and end-all of the kit;
the original idea was to provide information in various formats for different needs - eg slides,
demos. I believe that much of the further work can make use of the skeleton that the white paper has
established. In the pipeline, we have framework of surveys we would like to conduct so that we have
some data to show and support the claims that we've so frequently heard and made ourselves. 

There is still a lot of work to do, many miles to go, and we will be needing a lot of help from
everyone - all of you(!) - after this first stage is completed. 

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