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Sent by Garrett Coakley on 16 February 2004 17:05

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 11:57:46AM -0500, Tara Cleveland wrote: 
> Besides, once we've done the white paper were going to need help with case 
> studies and surveys and all manner of other things that we've got planned. 
Are you going to be looking for case studies or do you already have some 
lined up? 
If the former then I'm sure I can speak to some people here and get 
something written up for [1]. 

I'm supposed to be writing an evolt article about it, but time is getting
the better of me. I could fold the two of them together as the slant for
evolt was going to be developing with standards anyway.

> What do people think about ? Do you 
> think it'll help convince people other than web developers/designers 
> to go with standards? Does it help "make the case" at all or is it 
> preaching to the converted? 
I tend to view awards with a certain cynicism, in the main they appear to 
just be for the benefit of the people giving/receiving them. I guess whether 
these in particular can help 'make the case' as it were would depend on the 
visibility they achieve. 
Right now the only place I've seen them mentioned are here, evolt and web-l, 
which would lend credence to the fact that they're only preaching to the 
But I am a self-confessed cycnical sod. 
[1] Okay, so it looks a little 'functional' at the moment, but that was due 
to the available budget and we thought it better to spend that on getting 
them to a standards based platform first. The previous incarnation was a 
mess of frames, tag soup and vary large images. 
The budget has just been approved to to work on finishing the UI and giving 
it more of a visual polish. Time wise that looks like it's going to be 
finished around April time.  

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