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Sent by Tara Cleveland on 16 February 2004 16:04

>However I'd still like this list to be actively discussing the 
>business of maccaws - making a commercial case for the adoption of 
>web standards.
>seems like so many other places have taken up the challenge I was 
>curious to see if there was still a forum still here.
>If there isn't, how will we ever get the next stages of maccaws done?

Hi Everyone,

There's still lots going on "behind the scenes", but I agree it has 
been very very quiet in here and it'd be great if this list were 
still a forum. Besides, once we've done the white paper were going to 
need help with case studies and surveys and all manner of other 
things that we've got planned.

MACCAWS is *not* dead, just... um... quiet. As Steph said, we put up 
news on the front page every few weeks/days/when needed 
to let people know what we've been up to. And we're very very close 
to publishing the white paper.

Having said that I'd like it to be more of a forum, I'll get on to 
discussing Web standards news and stuff...

What do people think about ? Do you 
think it'll help convince people other than web developers/designers 
to go with standards? Does it help "make the case" at all or is it 
preaching to the converted?


Tara Cleveland
Web Design and Consulting
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